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slow jams jar standing on a pile of mitten bites granola bars

Jar of Slow Jams

$ 8.00

Slow Jams evolved from a personal commitment to local food preservation for our own family into a local artisan company bringing our handmade Michigan Jams to a stand at Eastern Market in the autumn of 2011 with the mission to share the sweet bounty of Michigan flavors with everyone.  Our dedication to Michigan agriculture fuels our passion and our product, which contains 100% Michigan produce and Michigan sugar.   Our commitment to our Michigan economy goes beyond the finest of Michigan fruits and herbs and includes our locally printed labels and locally sourced jars.  With each jar of traditionally made Slow Jams you are truly enjoying the best of Michigan!

Each jar of Slow Jams is crafted by hand.  Slow Jams flavors include traditional and unique combinations.  Whether it’s Blueberry Lavender, Apple Spice, or Raspberry Lemon Verbena, we want you to explore the culinary possibilities of jam beyond toast (although toast is magnificent too!). You can find Slow Jams at local boutiques, farmer’s markets, grocery stores, specialty grocers and restaurants.  Slow Jams are also available for wholesale and for special events.

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